How to read this blog

Before you start reading it feels necessary to explain what I do here and what I expect from you, the reader.

I started writing not long ago so I’m still finding my voice and style. The only thing I can say for sure is that I do my best for my writing to be personal and vulnerable.

I don’t write in order to give answers. My main purpose is to question things; to ask questions and leave them unanswered – questions that will hopefully make you think and connect with the uncertainty of reality, the same way I often experience things myself.

You also (hopefully) won’t find any kind of advice in my posts. We’re full of experts giving advice everywhere. Even if at times I found some of it helpful and I think it can be useful, I’m personally mostly skeptical when I come across it, especially when it comes from people in positions of power. I’ve admittedly been there, on both sides, and probably still sometimes go down the advice road. But here, in this space, I made a commitment to myself to abstain from giving advice. If you come across something that sounds like advice when you read stuff, it probably isn’t conscious.

Some of my posts might look unfinished. This is intentional, at least for the time being and until I figure out whether there’s something that needs to fill in the empty space. Maybe there’s nothing to fill the empty space in, I’m open to that possibility too. Also, like many of us, I struggle with perfectionism, so leaving things unfinished is my way of saying a big ‘fuck you’ to our society that constantly asks us to make everything look polished and perfect.

I do my best to write more with my heart than with my head. I kindly ask you to read my stuff from that place and with an open heart too. I wouldn’t like any feedback about what or the way I write and whether I should write differently. I would just like you to hear me.

If what I write makes you connect with yourself; if it makes you think about things in a different way; if it makes you agree or disagree; if it makes you feel happy, sad, angry, annoyed; if I put words in experiences you didn’t realise you had; if you even hate what I write; these are all good things. If you feel open enough and it feels right, feel free to share your process with me. Commenting is off but feel free to contact me anytime.

I’ll finish with a quote a friend shared which explains why I feel the need to write better than I ever could. It’s when I read it that I realised I needed to do this:

Tell your story. 
Shout it. Write it. 
Whisper it if you have to. 
But tell it. 
Some won’t understand it. 
Some will outright reject it. 
But many will 
thank you for it. 
And then the most
magical thing will happen. 
One by one, voices will start 
whispering, ‘Me, too.’
And your tribe will gather. 
And you will never 
feel alone again

L.R. Knost